God Was Wrong! There Was No “Original Sin”!

Spoiler Alert: Eve was innocent!

If a book is said to be authoritative on a subject, you would expect that book to be accurate. If you found numerous inconsistancies in the first few chapters, you would probably stop reading it. Your conclusion would be that it is NOT authoritative since it has so many errors. The foundation of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism begins with the story of the creation of all things – Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

The universally accepted definition of “original sin” is: “The tendency to sin, innate in all human beings, held to be inherited from Adam and Eve in consequence of “The Fall”.” In short, Adam and Eve disobeyed God thereby committing the first sin. It was a sin so vile that all of mankind would suffer for it even to this day.

But what if Adam and Eve did NOT commit this horrendous sin they were accused of doing? What if the entire concept of “original sin” is wrong? A religious foundation is only as strong as the underlying facts and tenets it contains. If these are grossly wrong, then you have either a very weak foundation or no foundation at all. Genesis is the foundation of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and Genesis is GROSSLY wrong.

The Bible says that God created Adam and Eve. We know that Adam and Eve were unique and original creations by God – unlike any other creation ever seen before. And we know that Adam and Eve were created directly by God i.e. not born of a woman. They were the ONLY two humans ever created directly by God Himself. Even Jesus was born of woman.

And since God created both Adam and Eve, He obviously created their brains as well. Adam and Eve’s new brains must have been created directly by God and according to God’s exact design and specifications. Therefore, every single attribute their brains initially exhibited must have been designed and created directly by God.

We can assume that Adam and Eve did not have any schooling, nor did they socialize, since there were no schools or people around. It was just Adam, and Eve, and God, and no one else. It is possible that God taught them some things but God would have been the only possible teacher.

At this point we can safely assume that Adam and Eve’s brains were only capable of rational thinking based on (1) how God, and ONLY God, had initially empowered them to think and reason when he created them and on (2) what God had personally taught Adam and Eve in Eden (if anything).

Now we get to the interesting part so please follow this line of reasoning very carefully. It contains nothing more than simple common sense and biblical facts. There is no trickery or symbolic interpretations involved here. Truth doesn’t require it so I will provide only facts straight out of the bible.

God, Himself, decided to place the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil right in the middle of the Garden of Eden and warned Eve, specifically, not to eat from it. This “tree” contained all the knowledge of good and evil. The world had NOT been introduced to good and evil yet so please keep that in mind for now.

Eve became curious and, with a little help from Satan (disguised as a snake), she ate the forbidden fruit thereby disobeying God. Eve had just committed THE sin of all sins – the “original sin” – and all mankind, from past to present, must suffer for it.

Therein lies the problem and this is applicable to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism!  If the above is true – and the bible says it is – then Eve committed sin using the very same brain that God had just created for her. A brain God, Himself, must have empowered with curiosity since ONLY God designed and created that brain. Where else could Eve’s curiosity come from? Whether God had given her that curiosity directly at creation, or taught it to her in the Garden, ONLY God can be held directly responsible for Eve’s curiosity.

But what if it is not at all about curiosity? What about her “free will”? The bible says that God gave Eve free will to choose between good and evil and Eve chose to disobey God and commit sin – and sin is evil. So is Eve, in fact, really at fault? Did Eve defy God so epically that God had no choice but to punish all mankind for Eve’s callous transgression?

Absolutely not and here is the PROOF! Eve could not choose between good and evil because the knowledge of good and evil did not even exist in the world yet. Eve would get that knowledge AFTER eating the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL DID NOT EXIST AT THAT POINT IN TIME!

And further, Eve knew nothing at all about Satan. She first meets and talks to Satan (without even knowing who Satan is and what he stands for) when the snake entices her to eat the forbidden fruit just before she actually eats it. Therefore Eve could NOT make any educated guesses OR moral decisions because she knew nothing at all about Satan, or good, or evil, at the time she committed the supposed sin. In fact, Eve’s only crime was that of curiosity and that particular brain function was obviously given to her by God.

So there you have proof showing Adam and Eve were only guilty of being curious. Why did God make us curious in the first place? He must have known what would happen because God is omniscient i.e. he knows everything. There are only two plausible answers that make any sense. God either wanted us to fail, so he could put us into eternal servitude, or Genesis is nothing more than a story – a bad fairy tale. Since Genesis is the foundation for “The Big 3” religions, then they are on a very shaky foundation.