Just call me Vashek. It’s a nickname from my youth. I won’t use my real name because there are people out there who will want to hurt me for telling you the truth. They are the ones who question nothing and accept everything about religion. They are “happy” living in their religious lie. They will kill to protect that.

This is being written for YOU. You are here because you have questions about what you’ve been taught – probably the same questions that I had over the last 4+ decades. I have some answers for you. But first a little bit about me.

I am 65 year old man, college educated, retired Investment Advisor/Entrepreneur, and a world traveler. In 1972, in the Navy and off the coast of Viet Nam, I became a zealous Evangelical Christian. I was personally instrumental in “saving” hundreds of lost souls. Many are very active Evangelicals to this day and some even run churches.

In 1995 I became an atheist after many years of internal conflict. I am curious by nature and I had many questions.  I had questions that the religious hierarchy, themselves, could NOT answer. I had questions that had NO answers. I studied and sought the answers – for many years.

I will show you what I discovered. I will do that by using only the bible (KJV) and simple common sense. I will show you that the bible is just a fictitious story book with some minor historic accuracy and value. I will show you the many lies the bible contains. I will show you TRUTH!

For those of you wondering why I am using the King James Version of the bible instead of some modern loosely translated version, that’s easy enough to explain. The KJV is the oldest, and most widely read, popular bible that was made available to everyone. Plus OVER 5 BILLION copies have been printed.

Lastly, think about this. You are religious because you fear “God” and the threat of burning in Hell’s fire for eternity. And you fear “God” because you were TAUGHT to fear him. That teaching comes from the bible – which was written by men. You were taught you must either become a “servant of God”, forever, or suffer unspeakable torment forever.

You were taught wrong! You were taught with a book full of lies. But anything that is taught can be untaught.

I will show you that “God” not only doesn’t, but CAN’T, exist.


Hell (circa1175)