Abraham – Father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

The “man of God” who pimped out his wife!

What would you call someone that offers the sexual services of his wife and gets wealthy from it? The word “pimp” comes to mind. Read on to see if it’s justified!

We’re going to examine the story of the biblical Patriarch Abraham. Yes, the same Abraham that was so willing to kill his own son in order to appease God’s desire for a blood sacrifice. He would have committed the murder had God not stopped him at the very last second.

Would you sacrifice YOUR child if told to do so by voices in your head? Would any sane parent ever do that? Abraham did do that so we can assume he was just a bit off. But there’s even more to our righteous hero than trying to murder his offspring. Before the attempted murder – there’s sex for money!

Not only did Abraham, the biblical Patriarch, give his wife away (and that includes sexually) for his own personal wealth – HE DID IT TWICE! It worked so well the first time that he figured he’d do it again. Let’s see what the bible has to say about pimping, adultery, and blame.

The Pharaoh, and then King Abimelech, both paid Abraham for Sarah thinking that she was single, beautiful, and ONLY the sister of Abraham. As her “brother” and Patriarch, Abraham could sell Sarah if he wanted to. Women were possessions and treated as such.

A beautiful woman would command a very high price. Sarah was said to be very beautiful and Abraham sold her. Pharaoh and the King paid dearly – twice.

According to Genesis chapters 12 and 20 Abraham TWICE claimed that his wife Sarah was his sister. Why? Because he was afraid that other men would kill him, and then claim her, because she was so beautiful. Yes – Abraham did do that and he got very rich in the process.

You then have to ask yourself why “God” allowed this to happen. Sarah was Abraham’s wife. Isn’t marriage a holy union sanctified by “God”? Why didn’t “God” tell Sarah and Abraham that they were committing adultery – a very grave sin – and that they would be punished according to God’s law?

Sarah committed adultery because of Abraham’s fear and/or greed. They pulled this scam off not once, but TWICE! And Abraham got very wealthy for Sarah’s services. Isn’t that the standard definition of a pimp?

But that’s not all! Both Pharaoh and King Abimelech did NOT know what was going on. They truly believed that Sarah was Abraham’s sister. When they found out otherwise, they immediately summoned Abraham and chastised him for deceiving them. They offered him even more riches just so he would take Sarah and go away.

Abraham gave his wife away (as his sister) and received wealth for that. When he was discovered, he was given even more wealth to just go away. They pulled this scam off twice. Abraham became very wealthy because of this. Those are biblical facts.

And then it gets even worse! “God” did not punish Abraham and Sarah for lying and adultery. Instead, “God” punishes Pharaoh and King Abimelech for having sex with Sarah! They were fooled by Abraham and Sarah and immediately stopped messing with Sarah once they found out. Yet “God” punishes them instead of Abraham and Sarah.

God’s punishment included various ailments and plagues against the innocent “defilers” of Sarah. That explains why they gave Abraham more wealth just to get rid of them both. They feared the wrath of Abraham’s “God”. And if this all happens to be true, then you can say that God helped Abraham get rich!

How does that in any way justify a fair and righteous God? His “chosen” and righteous man pimps out his wife to an unsuspecting Pharaoh and King for personal wealth and who does God punish? God punishes Pharaoh and the King! The guilty Abraham and Sarah get rich, they go unpunished, and Abraham becomes a BIBLICAL PATRIARCH!

Earlier we had an innocent Adam and Eve condemned by God, and now we have guilty Abraham and Sarah rewarded by God. Now does that really make sense to you?