Passover – When God Killed Babies and Children!

The Exodus 12 horror story begins, for our purposes, with Moses wanting to set his “chosen people” free as per God’s dictates. Pharaoh refused to set the Jews free so Moses threatens Pharaoh with all sorts of bad things that God will do to him. Then God, for whatever reason, says he will also “harden” Pharaohs heart and NOT allow him to let the Jews go no matter what. God repeats that sentiment 8 times in Exodus.

After many horrible plagues and illnesses, God decides that he will show how powerful he really is. His infinitely wise decision is to kill all non-Jewish firstborns. That’s probably in retaliation for Pharaoh killing the first born male, Jewish, babies earlier. God kills all of the first born non-Jews including all of the babies and children instead of just killing Pharaoh.

In order to be spared, the Jews were instructed to paint their doorways with pure lamb’s blood. When God’s angel of death came to kill all the firstborn non-Jews, he would “pass over” the homes with the doorways painted in blood. And that is what the Jewish people celebrate to this day. This is a day when God spared his “chosen people” and killed every “not chosen” firstborn instead.

Pestilence: Death of the First Born

William Blake (English, 1757–1827) circa 1805
about 1805 – Pen and watercolor over graphite
Museum of Fine Arts Boston

There you have the story of the Passover. According to some estimates, between 300,000 and 1.5 million “not chosen” people would have been killed by God. At an absolute minimum, over 100,000 of those would have been children and babies. God killed over 100,000 babies and children. What was their sin? What was their crime? They were simply not Jewish! That is the ONLY reason given in the bible.

This is one of the most barbarous stories in the bible and there are many others as well. And no – there is no justification for this massacre. God killed innocent babies and children because Pharaoh would not let the Jewish people go, yet it was God almighty who had already made it so that Pharaoh could not allow it. This would be considered one of the most heinous mass murders in history – if it was true.