(But there are many, many, more than that!)

1.)  There’s not the tiniest shred of physical evidence that God even exists. Anything, and everything, purported to be “proof” of Gods existence has been shown to be fake. One would assume that God would have left us with irrefutable evidence of his existence as well as very clear understanding of the one true religion. He did neither.

2.)  A caring deity would be like a parent. It would teach us like a parent teaches a child. It would NOT be completely silent and then only sporadically communicate with us to portend doom. Good teachers teach – they NEVER punish.

3.)  Why do we even need a God? And why would we need to constantly praise and worship him if he does exist? Is it because God demands it? Is God really that insecure? Or do we worship strictly out of fear?

4.)  A perfect deity would NOT give mankind a second chance by impregnating a betrothed, 13 year old, Jewish virgin with himself. Sounds silly when I say it that way right? Is that the best solution a perfect deity could come up with?

5.)  We are really NOT given a choice. When the options are to either praise and worship God, or burn in hell fire for eternity, then you CAN’T say that you have a choice. That’s not a choice! That’s called an ultimatum.

6.)  There are over 4,000 different religions and hundreds of different versions of the bible. God is not telling us which religion and bible are the correct ones. Why not? That would be the right thing to do.

7.)  God says that all homosexuals should be killed. That’s very clear and in your bible. I totally disagree, of course, and I don’t think an explanation is even necessary.

8.)  A truly omniscient and omnipotent deity would not have forced mankind into eternal servitude using vile and deceptive tactics (see HOME PAGE article about Eve).

9.)  A loving God would not – DIRECTLY – kill hundreds of thousands of innocent babies. God directly killed hundreds of thousands of babies and children and that’s if you only take into consideration Noah’s Ark and Passover (especially). There are many more instances of mass murders/killings throughout the bible.

10.)  Each and every day, over 20,000 babies die horrible deaths from hunger, disease, and abuse. And each and every day God does nothing even though he supposedly has the power to make this all stop. That’s babies slowly suffering, day after day, from starvation – beatings – and diseases! You have no justifiable excuse whatsoever!